What are the top words of 2020?

By: Shreya Mishra

As the year wraps up, the Oxford English dictionary has released the most used words of 2020. Any guesses what could these be? Our hint: they are all related to the virus that must not be named!


So first up is the word pandemic! Pandemic refers to an epidemic that has spread to more than one continent. And well in 2020, we witnessed it happenin in front of our eyes, literally. As we all know, the world has been going through the ramifications of that one guy eating a bat in China, which consequently gave birth to the pandemic. The words about which we just read science or history books or heard of in movies - 2020 made us live through it.  Hoping 2021 is better! 


Use a sanitizer! Sanitize your stuff! Oof. And there was a time when only the elite people brought this stuff to school. Those were the days man! Showing off sanitizer bottles and paper soaps just before lunch that is obviously when going to school was still a thing. Although on a serious note, it is necessary to use it and stay virus free as much as possible.


Okay, I know you saw this one coming, but I mean Duh!? And anyway as I said before, the year 2020’s pandemic has definitely increased our vocabulary this year. I mean who even talked about masks before this? But they are the new normal this year. No more making fun of those covering faces outside for sun. Now everybody has to do it!


The government has banned a lot of apps this year amidst the rising tension between India and China. First, it was Tiktok, CamScan and Shein, then it was PuBG and recently some more apps. Government’s on a streak. And we’ve heard the word ‘banned’ more this year than ever before, that too from news notifications. How weird!


This word is everywhere. It’s the disease that-must-not-be-named. Among all the things and experience that we expected in the new year, this definitely wasn’t one of them. This disease gave us so many new experiences, ones we only ever saw in the zombie apocalypse movies. 

Staying in total lockdown, wearing a mask everywhere we go, maintaining safe distance from everyone. It all seems so normal now that we almost forgot how unusual all this actually is. But as unusual as it may be, it is still very essential to follow all the rules required to stay healthy. For you and for others around you. So wear a mask, use sanitizer, maintain social distancing and kick covid to the curb. 

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