That's puzzling!

‘That’s puzzling’ is our confusion corner. Sounds familiar. It would to most of us. This is the corner where we shares stories about things that puzzle us! Join in!

Why can’t I watch an ‘A’ movie?

Ever wondered why you can't watch a movie with A rating? Read this TeenBook article for more details.

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How do I say no?

Do you want to say no to someone but are worried that they might feel bad or hurt? Well, this article from TeenBook is for you to...

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'Why can’t my life be like other teens?'

Are you wondering why your life is so different than other? Read this article from Teenbook to find out what can you do to feel good....

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'But..we don't get any marks for it!'

Why are extra curricular or co-curricular activities so important in school? Why should we participate? Teenbook is here to help.

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What is transitioning?

Does it confuse you when you hear stories about people who change their gender from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy? This is called...

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‘Should I hold her hand?’

Samar (14) has been very very nervous after Ritu agreed to go on a date with her. He has several questions on his mind - What should...

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I think about her the whole day!

Kartik (13) has been feeling a bit different lately, confused and frankly at times ‘weirded out’. How could he like Jiya in ‘that...

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