Puberty: It's that time!

By: Team TeenBook

Puberty is a time when physical and emotional changes begin to take place in the body, to begin the transition from childhood to adulthood. Aarav and Sara have some confusions too. Do you have the same questions? Let's understand more about it.

What's going on?

You know, over the last few days, whenever I see Rhea, I feel so excited yet nervous! It’s been so weird that I finally decided to ask Mira didi about it. She said it is very natural to have a crush. Such a weird name - crush! But I like the feeling!  She also said that we are growing up, so we will see more changes in our body and in our feelings.  This phase of our growth is called Puberty!

Really? Well, mom also gave me ‘the talk’ yesterday. She used the same term ‘Puberty’. She mentioned we will see some physical changes like body hair, pimples, body odour, etc. But there’s going to be some exciting stuff too - we may develop new feelings, attraction and fall head over heels for someone. Ok! She didn’t really say anything about that! Hehe!  


  • Puberty is a time when physical and emotional changes begin to take place in the body, to begin the transition from childhood to adulthood. 
  • It is a time of transition when you are not a kid and not an adult, but somewhere in between.
  •  These changes usually begin to appear between the ages of eight and sixteen. 
  • These changes affect the body in terms of shape, size, and composition, as well as growth of our internal body systems.
  • It is important to accept the changes as a part of growing up and have strategies ready to deal with them in a healthy and happy manner.

It’s the hormones dear!

So I got an email from Charu today. She is so bored at the hostel that she is writing thrice a week! LOL! And she has been describing in much detail the changes in her body. She writes, ‘There is lots of hair, almost everywhere! Growing in places they never have before. I have grown taller too. I’m loving it! Of course, the height, not the hair! LOL!’

Did I tell you Rohan accidentally touched my hands yesterday. I couldn’t sleep the entire night! I kept thinking what would it be like to hug him? Uff….How will I talk to him again? Would it be embarrassing? What’s going on! Could it be the hormones that Ammi was talking about yesterday? 


  • The main changes that take place in our bodies during puberty are caused by hormones.
  • Hormones are chemicals produced by our bodies to serve many functions. 
  • Hormones cause various changes in our body - such as hair growth and change in our voice. 
  • The special hormones produced during puberty also prepare the body for sex and reproduction.
  • The female ovaries produce hormones called estrogen and progesterone. The estrogen helps eggs in a girl’s ovaries to start developing. The eggs are responsible for menstruation and reproduction.
  • The male testicles produce the hormones called testosterone, which leads to the production of sperms. Sperms are male sex cells, responsible for reproduction.
  • Hormones also impact the way we feel leading to emotions such as attraction. 

Got it. Period!

You won’t believe what happened yesterday. I was at my sister’s birthday party and suddenly I had this big red blot on my dress. First, I thought I had sat on ketchup or something. But then it struck me! I got my first period!

I was a bit freaked out at first. But now I feel ok. Mom has been teaching me how to use a pad as well as a menstrual cup. I am getting the hang of it. Puberty is well and truly here!

The hair and the bear

My birthday party last night was fun! Aarav gifted me a shaver. It’s going to come in handy! Suddenly over the last month or so, I am growing hair like a bear!   

 It’s either the bear or the crow these days. My voice has also become deeper in just a few days! Initially, I thought that it was just a throat sore running too long, but now I realise it’s puberty knocking!  

It's not for me!

Well, I mean. I am not so sure about all of this. I mean I don’t feel like a girl or a boy. I never have! And I don’t have these changes happening to me. And I am not sure I even want them!


  • The onset of puberty can be confusing for those of us who do not identify with the sex we were given at birth (also described as transgender).
  • For example, for a transwoman (girls who were born male but feel like girls), changes such as growth of a beard might feel uncomfortable.
  • Similarly, for a transman (boys who were born female but feel like boys), changes such as beginning of periods or development of breasts may cause discomfort. 
  • Puberty may be the phase where the disconnect between how you feel and your body's physical development may become really apparent. This feeling is known as gender dysphoria and is quite common.

It's not a race!

You won’t believe what happened today. Aditi and I were changing clothes in the changing room after our basketball match. Guess what! Adit’s already wearing a bra and has got big and round breasts. And mine, they haven’t even started growing! What if my breasts never grow? Am I going to stay a baby? Wait, no, that can’t happen to me!


  • None of us are alike, so how can our puberty be?
  • Puberty happens to different people at different times. 
  • There is no ‘correct time’ for these changes to take place. 
  • It’s completely ok to have signs of puberty early on or later. 
  • So, don’t worry if you are experiencing or not experiencing these changes yet.

Lean on me

So...Something weird happened last night. I was playing a game on my mobile phone and suddenly I felt like touching my penis. I mean it was a bit odd. Odd, as in, I was enjoying the feeling too! Is this weird? What if it happens again? Wish I could talk to someone about this. 


  • Puberty can bring in many changes. 
  • Some can be exciting and great, others difficult and challenging. 
  • But you don’t have to go through puberty alone. 
  • It can be made easier and less stressful by focusing on your strengths and building a support network of trusted adults. 
  • These are a group of people who care about you like your parents, teacher, an elder sibling or grandparents.
  • Trusted adults can guide you by providing you correct information, telling you what to do  or share their own experiences.
  • These are the people you can reach out to when you are confused, sad or need advice.

Now I know 

Now I know why I feel so excited and nervous with Rhea. It makes so much sense now. Wooooh – it’s the hormones at work! Now that I understand my feelings, I feel better. Fewer butterflies now! 

Now I know about the changes that are going to happen in our body. So we can prepare for it. And when we can’t, we shouldn’t feel alone. Instead we should find a trusted adult to talk about it. 


  • Puberty begins between the ages of eight and sixteen.
  • It involves physical and emotional changes. 
  • Some physical changes are different for boys and girls. 
  • There will be times when you have intense feelings and have many questions about who you are and what you are experiencing.  It’s all normal and ok. 
  • It is something everyone goes through.
  • It happens at different times for different people. So, don’t worry!
  • Changes in our body during puberty are caused by hormones.
  • During puberty, the body begins to manufacture special hormones that prepare the body for sex and reproduction.
  • We may reach out to our support network for more information.
  • There should be no embarrassment about our changing bodies. After all, we are growing up!
  • Most importantly, the journey of growing up is fun and special as we accept the changes and deal with them. Have fun and enjoy your journey!

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