My Diary

‘My Diary’ is your space to write and tell us about things that are on your mind. From the lockdown to that exam or a new friendship, you can share everything with TeenBook.

‘Why does she treat me like this?’

Why does my friend behave like this? Confused? TeenBook is here to help.

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‘How I coped with my COVID quarantine’

Afraid of the coronavirus? Wonder what will you do if it happens to you? Here is some advise from a teen on TeenBook.

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Future of the country locked at home!

Being confined to the four walls of home for such a long time has not been easy. No friends, no play time, schools shut - all this...

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‘I just deactivated my Insta’

Are you always feeling stressed and under pressure to post of social media because your friends are? How to handle this situation?...

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Why do we discriminate?

Diary of an Indian teenager boy living in America. He talks about how why people discriminate and how #BlackLivesMatter affected him....

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‘What if Mumma found out?’

It’s so hot and Ishaan has been wearing socks the whole day. He didn’t take them off for a second. He can’t take a chance. 'What if...

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'What the lockdown has taught me'

'As the lockdown began, I had this vast amount of time that I had no idea how to spend. Getting to know more about my friends (online)...

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