Feelings Express

Counsellor Corner

'Feelings Express' is the superfast train of emotions where stories of happiness, sadness, anger, excitement and fear are all aboard. Come, hop on to share the experience.

‘I felt used’

Do you think that your friends are selfish and are just with your for their work or selfish motive? Ajay too feels same. Read his...

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‘I felt so uncool but ...’

Are you scared that saying no to drinking alcohol will make you uncool? Do not fear, read this article by Teenbook.

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‘I felt foolish!’

Someone makes friends with you and you both are in a good relationship. Later you realise that it was all a dare for him. It hurts....

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'I felt left out'

Are you feeling left out in the group of your friends? Should you become like them or move on? Teenbook can help answer your queries....

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‘I felt very disturbed’

Diksha, 17, always wanted to be part of the coolest gang in her school. So on their insistence she tried smoking and began to enjoy...

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I don't feel good :(

Riddhima (13), a happy, self-proclaimed “goof ball” became a victim of bullying. It tore down her confidence, made her miserable until...

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