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'Curiocity Central' is the place where you get answers to all the questions you didn’t know whom to ask. So send us a question and we line up the answer on this this very platform!

What is infatuation?

Is it infatuation or is it love? Confused? Read this article by TeenBook to get the answer.

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Why does he go to a therapist?

Who is a therapist? Why do people need to see a therapist? Do you have these questions on mind? Teenbook is here to help.

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‘Do all boys do it?’

What is masturbation? What does it mean? Does everyone do it? Have more questions on masturbation? Read this article on Teenbook.

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Which country has a rainbow flag?

It’s June and Aahana (13) has seen several rainbow flags on her Instagram page. She wasn’t really sure what country the flag belonged...

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What does the 'F' word mean?

Arjun (12) wasn’t sure if he should ask his mom what it meant but many of his classmates had been using the word during fights and...

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