Canteen Talk

Just heard it in the canteen

Canteen is the place for friends to talk. Right? So at 'Canteen Talk', we bring you conversations from canteens around the country. Keep tuned!

‘My parents are separating’

Why do parents get divorced? What happens to the kids after divorce? This article of Teenbook has all the answers.

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'What if they don’t believe me?'

Your uncle touched you inappropriately and you feel stressed. Have you been avoiding talking to anyone about what happened to you?...

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‘But...we all are poles apart!’

What happens when you are asked to work in a team where no one thinks like you? Why is it important? Teenbook is here to help.

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Do periods smell bad?

Do you think overweight girls get their periods early? Or you feel periods smell bad? These are all myths. Teenbook is here to help...

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‘Why can’t I look like that?’

Are you not happy with how you look and think skipping meals can help? Starving yourself is a bog no. Check this article from Teenbook...

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‘I want to become popular’

Do you want to join the most popular group in school to become like them? Is it the right thing to do? Teenbook will help you find...

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'I wish he had spoken to us'

Riddhima tells her friends about their classmate Vihaan who had just tried to hurt himself after he failed in several subjects this...

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